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About the Coach / Founder

Experienced Digital Leader and Professional

Navaneeth Seshadri has a Masters in Management from Boston University and with over 20 years of industry expertise as a Business consultant  in the areas of Supply Chain and IT , he is a successful startup entrepreneur in the Healthcare IT product space. He has worked in the C Levels and top management of different corporations across the globe. He has mentored founders of Startups globally in their pre-seed and seed stages. to accelerate their growth. After reaching pinnacle of his career in the corporate space, his intention to return back to community and his strong passion to coach has led to creation of the likeminded leaders community of the Elevated Leaders Club.

Some of his Relevant Career highlights:
- Worked with renowned corporations : Oracle, Fujitsu America , Wipro , Gentex Corporation , Danaher
- Journey from Functional roots in Supply chain Planning to AI product development as CTO
- Successful Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Healthcare IT startup focused on Neurological ailment
- Mentor for Startups focused in AI and Digital spectrum 

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“We know what we are, but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

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